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Pain Treatment Rehab Service


It is no surprise that a lot of times medications that are prescribed by a medical professional to treat a condition leads to the patient becoming dependent and addicted to that medication. A lot of chronic pain sufferers find that there is no complete pain relief so they are dependent on the medication. They usually wonder how they became dependent on the medications and why were they never informed about the risks of these powerful medications.

Of course, these patients have different needs from that of a patient who is suffering from substance drug abuse due to recreational usage. This is why a person who is suffering from a painful condition needs integrated treatment that will take care of the pain and the actual cause behind it. Apart from that, the treatment also focuses on the dependence and addiction to the prescribed medications, the co-occurrence of psychological and medication conditions with the addiction, and the complete restoration of the physical and functional activities of the patient.

The pain doesn’t just affect the body but has psychological and health issues as well that can occur when left untreated. Moreover, the feelings of anxiety, fear, and depression can be a little unbearable and can even affect the work and the basic functioning of an individual’s life. Our San Diego Rehabilitation Center provides a pain treatment program that can take care of all these psychological, health and social issues with the help of an integrated and supportive environment.

How is Pain Treatment Different than Pain Management?


In our Pain Treatment program, we focus on an individual’s and try to treat the underlying conditions without using any addictive substances that don’t really help with pain relief when you take them for extended periods of time such as opiates. If you use these drugs for a long period of time for your pain relief, you will ultimately become dependent on them and will become hyper-sensitive to the pain.

This condition is known as hyperalgesia that is caused due to the continued use of opiate medication and makes your brain create more pain receptors. As a result, you feel intense pain that is not common for your condition and might be caused due to the pain medications that you are taking. If you didn’t have any history of drug addiction, then prolong use of these medications can make you dependent on the high dosage of medications to manage the chronic pain and you are stuck in the endless cycle of drugs and pain.

To break this cycle, reduce the pain, and live your life more freely, call us today!

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