Best San Diego Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers for 2020

Find the best Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers, Counseling, & Support in San diego, California.

What's a Rehab Center?

 At San Diego Rehabilitation Center, we offer you treatment programs that help you leave your addiction behind and enjoy a sober life. And with the help of our outpatient rehab program in San Diego, our patients can get the necessary care to stay sober while managing their personal commitments easily. If you have recently completed a complete detox or medication-assisted treatment program, then you will need help in easing back into society.

We know that staying sober is hard and this is why our outpatient rehab program can help you maintain a drug-free lifestyle easily.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab

Intensive Outpatient Rehab (IOP) program involved proper care for treating clients with substance use disorders. The clients don’t require 24-hour supervision or detoxification anymore and have already completed their higher level of outpatient care. Although each IOP has a proper structure, the programs contain a combination of medical care and therapies.

The outpatient services offered at the center give proper structure and support for clients that are trying to transition slowly into society.

Types of Treatments

There are different levels of intensity in the outpatient programs and can be usually segregated into the below three groups:

Outpatient Day Programs

This is the most intensive outpatient program in which the patient has to follow the program from anywhere between five and seven days a week.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

This type of program offers more flexibility than the day programs and the patient follows this program for 3 – 4 days a week. This outpatient program is perfect for patients who need therapy due to their work, school, or other life issues.

Aftercare Programs

In aftercare or continuing programs, the patient needs help in transitioning back into their lives and use this program to help with that. The program involves meeting with support groups and counseling sessions once every week.

Benefits of Outpatient Rehab

According to observation, it has been found that around 60% of people who were treated for addiction will relapse at least once after they leave the rehab center. There are several risk factors involved for the addicts in their early recovery phase such as family reintegration, the stress of rejoining work, familiar locations, and so on.

Clients have to learn effective coping mechanisms to successfully recover and intensive outpatient programs can help the clients stay focused and regular during the recovery phase. Once you leave the rehab center, you need to use coping tools to start your daily life.

Here are a few benefits of joining the outpatient treatment plan that can help addicted patients:

  • Amazing level of flexibility provided in choosing a treatment plan schedule
  • You have the option to live at home with your family while getting treatment in the rehab facility.
  • Ability to continue with your education or job.
  • Costs less than intensive rehab treatment.
  • Effective in treating patients that suffer from mild to a moderate substance use disorder.

Why should you choose Outpatient Rehab?

We have noticed that a lot of our patients struggle when they are getting out of the treatment setting. And the stress of going back to work, recovering family bonds, going to favorite locations and spots can often be triggering and can be a huge cause of concern for the addicts who are still in the early recovery phase.

Intensive outpatient rehab is the best way to stay focused and engaged in your recovery in the early recovery period. In the intensive outpatient rehab, you learn good coping mechanisms and have the opportunity to use these skills directly as you start indulging in the day-to-day functioning activities.

What can you expect?

Outpatient (OP) Care is provided to all the patients who have completed the treatment program at the San Diego Rehabilitation Center. All of our OP treatment plans have been prepared according to the client’s needs and schedule. Clients can either opt to continue the group therapy 3 – 4 times every week along with individual therapy sessions and case management sessions or can opt for medical and psychiatric appointments when joining the outpatient aftercare program.


The clients are usually called to meet on the weekdays and there are both daytime and evening times available to choose from. The sessions can last for a few hours and during this meeting time, clients meet with groups and take short breaks between each session.

A few group sessions that are usually included in an intensive outpatient program are support groups, interpersonal process groups, skill-development groups, psychoeducational groups, and so on. In the skill-development group, you are taught how to manage stress, be assertive, and avoid a relapse.

Interpersonal process groups usually include family/couples groups or single-interest groups while a support group is a 12-step program consisting of people that suffer from the same issue.


At our rehabilitation center, we know what is needed for effective treatment programs. Our focus is on evident-based programs that are effective in treating the patients and help in improving their mental health as well. These therapy sessions can be individual sessions or family sessions and include different types of therapies.

Drug Testing

Finally, drug testing is an important part of the outpatient programs. The frequency of the drug tests usually varies and can be totally random or scheduled for 1-3 times a week.

The aim of this drug testing is not to catch the addicts but to motivate and reassure them that they are doing well so far. It is also performed to protect other members from getting into substance abuse again and can help the therapists determine if a person needs a higher level of treatment or not.

When to Choose Inpatient Treatment Program?

Inpatient Treatment Program is an extensive addiction treatment plan and is also known as residential care. In this program, 24*7 care is provided by the medical professionals in a comfortable yet non-hospital setting. However, it is not as flexible as outpatient treatment programs and requires serious commitment and time from the clients.

This program is best suited for patients who aren’t mentally strong to say no to their temptation or negative influences in their lives. Also, if you don’t have an encouraging or reliable support system at a home, then the intensive treatment program is perfect for you. The choice between an inpatient and outpatient treatment program is ultimately dependent on the situation of the patient and is decided only after careful discussion with an addiction specialist.

How long is the program?

Intensive Outpatient Rehab (IOP) requires a minimum of 9 therapeutic hours in a week. According to research, patients who stay in intensive operation care for around 90 days at least tend to be more successful at recovering and transitioning back into their lives. Once they complete this program, they can transition into a less intensive program and, then finally, they won’t need the help anymore. The length of the program depends on several factors and can differ for each person.

Our rehab facility offers clients individualized treatment so that they can recover and maintain a healthy lifestyle too. The Intensive Outpatient Rehab program is perfect for newly sober addicts and helps them embark on a new and exciting journey in their life.

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