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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

At the San Diego Rehabilitation Facility, we help clients who suffer from both substance use disorder and mental health issues. When someone suffers from both these issues together, it is known as dual diagnosis. In many cases, one of these issues is usually triggered by the other issue. We all know that dealing with an addiction is quite hard and it becomes more so when your drug abuse coincides with your mental health issues.  

But with the help of our Dual Diagnosis treatment in San Diego, you can easily live a healthy life and attain long-term recovery.

Causes for Mental Health Issues and Substance Abuse

Although there are many cases when one issue triggers the other, it is not always the case. However, there is a prominent influence of one condition on the other. A good example of this would be how people who are suffering from depression often opt for drugs and alcohol to cope up with their mental state.

This happens vice versa as well where a patient with substance abuse disorder starts showing signs of a mental illness. This mental health issue and addiction can often occur due to genetics or environmental influence as well.

Mental Health Disorders Associated with Substance Abuse

American Medical Association has found that around 50% of people that are suffering from mental disorders also get trapped in substance abuse. Also, the individuals with mental disorders, almost 30% of them either use alcohol or drugs to cope up with their state of mind. A few frequent mental health disorders that you will notice along with substance abuse are:

  • Depression – You will feel a lack of interest in general activities, lack of energy, feeling helpless or useless, and so on.
  • Anxiety – You will always be on the edge and will have trouble concentrating or breathing. Apart from that, you can also experience headaches, tiredness, muscle tension, and so on.
  • Bipolar Disorder – In this condition, you will feel anger, irritation, impulsiveness, rapid energy and speed, etc.

Signs and Symptoms

Drug abuse and mental health issues, both have their own signs and symptoms that can affect the patient’s day-to-day functioning in life. These clients will find it hard to relate with others and handle the difficult situations that life presents them with. The symptoms can vary a little due to the different combinations of the disorders that are possible.

This is why it is important that both the issues are properly taken care of else it can end up becoming worse. Here are a few signs that show that someone might have both a substance abuse problem and a mental illness:

  • Sudden behavioral change
  • Dependency on drugs for normal functioning
  • Withdrawal from activities that previously used to make them feel happy
  • Increased tolerance to alcohol or drugs
  • Putting yourself in danger to obtain alcohol or drugs

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

One of the best ways to start a dual diagnosis treatment is with the help of integrated intervention. In this technique, a medical profession provides attention to both your conditions. In order to properly treat both the issues, the professional needs to understand and give attention to all the issues together and this is what dual diagnosis treatment does. We understand that there is a wide range of combinations available for the two conditions that a patient suffers from and it is extremely crucial that both the conditions are properly addressed from the start.

At our rehabilitation facility, we begin the dual diagnosis treatment by understanding the patient’s drug or alcohol abuse along with the mental illnesses that the patient suffers from. The patient will need a detox to completely get rid of the substances from the body after which the patient is made to stay in a sober living home which plays a major role in the treatment process. When the patient stays in a safe and supportive environment, it helps reduces the chances of temptations and improves the chances of long-term recovery for the patient.

Another prominent part of integrated treatment is psychotherapy which helps the patient understand the reason behind their condition and how to overcome them. There are both group and individual therapy options that can help a person learn coping skills for a successful recovery. In a few cases, medication-assisted treatments could prove effective too. A few possible therapies that can be included in the dual diagnosis treatment are as follow:

  • General knowledge of the mental disorder and related issues
  • Learning coping skills to overcome substance abuse
  • Identifying the root cause of substance abuse
  • Learning how to change and make the right decisions
  • Social skills to improve interpersonal relationships

The next step in the recovery process is transitional care that might include outpatient rehab. In this, the patient receives care without needing to stay in the rehabilitation center. This is an important step as it will result in the successful recovery of the patient from their mental health issues and addiction.

Outpatient Rehab

If you find that you or a close loved one is suffering from a mental health problem or substance abuse, then educate yourself about it. Learning about addiction can help you understand about recovery as well and the options available for substance abuse treatment. The more you educate yourself about it, the better you will be able to work on recovery or offer your support to the family or friend who is on the path of recovery. Remember, finding a treatment program that works on two different conditions is not easy but with the help of dual diagnosis treatment, it is possible to recover from both the issues.

Our San Diego Rehabilitation Facility ensures that the patients receive proper treatment for both the conditions for a complete recovery. We offer a safe and caring environment for our patients so that they can achieve a fulfilling life. If you wish to get rid of your dependency on drugs and want to recover from your mental health issues and substance abuse, then give us a call.

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Choosing a good rehabilitation center is important for your recovery and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you need the help of a trained professional, then make sure you contact a rehab center soon so that you can improve your life quality and enjoy what life has to offer you.

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