Best San Diego Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers for 2020

Find the best Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers, Counseling, & Support in San diego, California.

Our addiction treatment center in San Diego focuses on caring for your soul, mind, and body. We believe that to lead a healthy life, you need to have a healthy body first. And one of the best ways to keep your body fit and healthy is by using it to its complete potential.

Our Experience Based Therapy consists of several treatment programs that are prescribed to a patient upon careful evaluation of their symptoms and disabilities. You can read in detail about the therapies that we have so you have more knowledge about how we work and fix the addiction issues in our patients.

Experiential Therapy

When you ingest drugs regularly, it can ultimate take control of your central nervous system including the pleasure and reward sections of your brain. And one of the best ways to start feeling pleasure without using drugs is by indulging in a few physical activities. If your body is physically fit, it will also help you become less vulnerable emotionally as your mind and soul will recover along with your body too. It will also bring a little structure and discipline in your life and helps addicts find a focus in their life.

At San Diego Rehabilitation Center, we provide you with a range of physical activities such as yoga, surfing, etc. to keep you physically engaged and, in turn, make you fit. You can challenge your body here by going on surfing or experience calm and peace with a yoga session. Our addiction treatment center will help you achieve high functioning in life and will uplift you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A lot of addicts experience cognitive distortion which is basically having thought patterns that are untrue. For example, an addict might feel that if they are experiencing a craving, then you need to use drugs to satisfy the craving. Apart from that, there are several other thought patterns such as all-or-nothing thinking, reaching conclusions quickly, generalizing everything, and emotional reasoning.

With the help of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the addicts will have the skills to recognize their problematic behavior and change it. This behavior has been the cause of the relapse and extreme drug use earlier so if you are able to identify the wrong behavior and change your destructive thinking, you will be able to stay sober for a long time.

When addicts join a recovery program, they don’t really understand that their thinking is destructive and just focus on how they feel at the moment. But with the use of CBT, addicts are able to identify the destructive thoughts that usually result in a relapse and cause emotional distress to them. This is made possible by the combined effort of the patient and the therapist. And one of the best things about CBT is that this approach can be integrated into your life without having to join the addiction treatment center full time.

You don’t have to worry about negative thinking or emotions anymore, you can simply use CBT for a successful recovery at our rehabilitation center.

Individual Therapy

Another major thing that is usually provided in an evidence based treatment program is that each client at the center is assigned a dedicated therapist with whom they have to meet for their weekly one-hour session. These individual sessions are a great way to deep dive into different topics and concepts that you explored in the group sessions for a more personal interpretation.

Clients are given feedback and provided guidance from their therapist to help in their recovery. As a result, these individual sessions are designed for each client’s specific needs and are more customized than other treatment plans.

In these individual sessions, a caring clinician will be in direct contact with you to determine what has been working for you so far and what you need to change. Since this is a collaborative process, you don’t have to worry about your therapist judging or condemning you for anything. The main purpose of your therapist is to keep you motivated, help you cope with any emotional distress, and achieve your effective personality.

Our team has years of experience and will offer you several treatment plans so that you can recover and maintain your recovery too.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is primarily used to treat patients that suffer from chronic suicide behavior, Borderline Personality Disorder, and people who have been earlier unresponsive to treatment programs.

DBT primarily focuses on your behavior and encourages acceptance so that you will gradually change your behavior and have greater chances of achieving your goals. This amazing treatment plan is used frequently for substance abuse disorder as drug use is seen as a form of self-harm so the patient needs to change their behavior for a healthy body and mind.

Drug addicts who are unable to cope and cannot manage their emotions have greater chances of relapsing after the treatment has ended. Moreover, these addicts usually have a long history of relapsing or being unresponsive to several treatment attempts. Hence, DBT is a good approach for such addicts and is a great option for treating both substance disorders and mental disorders. In this approach, the focus is on being mindful, regulating your emotions, tolerating distressful situations, and maintain personal relationships.

If an addict can live without judging others and be aware of their emotions while not getting stressed by life, then they will be able to successfully recover and won’t relapse as well.

Family Therapy

We all know that addictions can harm our familial relationships and it might feel that your interpersonal relationships are at a breaking point. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, addiction is a family disease as it affects the family stability. If a family has an addiction member, they tend to feel physical, mental, and financial distress.

Furthermore, if both the family and the addict are in denial about the situation, it can become a major threat in their lives as everyone is trying to cope up with the increased level of chaos. Everyone ends up forming a poor coping habit and the entire family can get consumed with the issue. And with no plan, it becomes difficult to proceed in a beneficial manner.

Side Effects

In the family therapy sessions, there are two major issues that are discussed i.e., enabling and codependency. Your parents often don’t know how to handle your addiction without supporting it. Moreover, your family ends up fearing your death and struggle to detach from their love for you to avoid the pain. So, if there aren’t any proper boundaries, it can lead to the continuation of the addictive behavior for a longer duration.

Codependency can occur as you worry frequently about the addicted member and aren’t able to regulate your mood independently anymore. As a result, you can experience self-esteem issues, frequent anger bursts, etc. that can disrupt your life.


A Hope for Everyone

Apart from codependency, enabling is quite harmful to the addicts too. An enabling behavior will lead to you financially supporting the addict, making excuses for their behavior, pretending everything is normal, or even using drugs with the addict.

There is no one to blame for this situation. Everyone has to learn the proper way to deal with this and our San Diego Rehabilitation Center will effectively help you with it.

With the help of family therapy, you can restore the family dynamics and can effectively communicate with each other and share your fears and frustrations. With our licensed therapists, you will be able to rebuild your relationships with healthier boundaries. Our focus is on the family values as it is important in good psychological health for both the addict and the family members.

Our team not only works with the addicts but the family too and you will see positive treatment outcomes when family therapy is included in the treatment plan. It can also help the addicts gain entry into the social world again and can be motivating for the addicts too.

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